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Day 1 – Intro & Password Managers


Imagine your digital self is a house – you want to protect what’s inside.These workshops will go over techniques to help you protect your house from malice, accidents

Password Managers

Analogy: Close the garage doorPasswords are the first point of access into your personal information and data.Go over why it’s bad to use simple passwords, why it’s bad to use the same password for everything, and explain that yes, that does make it difficult.Except, password managers.Lots of options, name a few and their benefits/weaknesses.Suggest LastPass as a great free option and go through how to set it up.Talk about how to use it on all devices, and what to do if it doesn’t autofill.Also at the end talk about MFA

Participation in all three sessions is beneficial. REGISTER by emailing info@tsutsweye.ca

Presented by: Toren Huntley