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Day 2 – Data Storage, Backups, Firewalls and Clearing your Cache

Analogy: Close the front and back door

Data Storage

  • Organizing/storing data
  • Suggest separating personal and business data
  • Suggest separating data per project/client
  • Talk about the difference between ‘cold storage’ and ‘hot storage’

Data Backups

  • Start with why you want to back up your data
  • Add a bit of info about smart data storage…
  • Talk about local vs. cloud storage and benefits/disadvantages to both
  • Talk about creating a data map, backing up data, moving data to the cloud
  • Give proposed action depending on the problem


  • Talk about what a firewall actually is
  • Talk about some of the most common attack types (and whether a firewall solves the problem)
  • Talk about the difference between a large scale solution and a personal solution
  • Tell them how to check if they do have one on their computer, and how to get one if not

Clearing your cache

  • Talk about what a cache is and its purpose
  • Talk about why you’d want to clear it every so often – give a recommended time interval
  • Go through how to do this on different browsers

Participation in all four sessions is beneficial. REGISTER by emailing info@tsutsweye.ca

Presented by: Toren Huntley