You are not limited by your limitations! Turn “disabilities” into “diverseabilities” with Granting Wishes

“I’ve been able to give back,

I have made a difference, and continue to make a difference. I don’t ever want people to feel that they’re in this alone.”

Consultant, coach, mentor, advocate, teacher, and grant writer: these are some of the hats Granting Wishes owner Brandi Butts wears to help clients build successful businesses.

Brandi helps clients develop  the practical aspects of running a successful business related to marketing, branding, niching, social media strategy, networking, finances, and more – while keeping you aligned in both your business and your life. She also works collaboratively with clients to strategize, plan and problem-solve. When clients face roadblocks in achieving their business dreams, Brandi has the experience to help them move through or around them.

She built a highly successful business by learning to manoeuvre through her own trauma and adversity; challenges that include painful autoimmune disorders and past experiences with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

“As I looked at redefining myself, not just about social media, my business morphed into a teaching role,” she says, noting she is intuitive and empathetic by nature and passionate about helping others develop a successful business.

Granting Wishes was the name Brandi chose when she began her business of writing grant applications for various organizations.

Learning the importance of having a solid marketing plan, Brandi earned a digital marketing certification through Alacrity Academy. That led to the role of business coach and consultant with Tsust’weye, a federally funded program that supports Shuswap female entrepreneurs.

“As I started working with these women, I realized what we do as entrepreneurs comes from our own stories,” she says, noting clients sometimes reveal debilitating physical or mental disabilities such as depression and anxiety. “When I consult with somebody, I don’t just ask about their business, I search out their story.”

From teacher to mentor:

Brandi realized some lessons require support beyond book-learning. Interested in the concept of peer mentoring, she reviewed several existing groups, discovering that while they were worthwhile, the focus was strictly on the business itself.

“Nobody talked about the nitty-gritty portions of life,” she says. “Being an entrepreneur is one challenge, being a woman is another level. Now add female entrepreneur with a disability; that’s a lot.”

With an eye to further addressing these challenges, Brandi earned a certificate from the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion became a certified accessible employer through the President’s Group, and created her own Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Peer Mentorship program. Approved by the provincial body, the program has been well-received.

“It was phenomenal,” Brandi says with enthusiasm, noting Community Futures BC approved three more sessions. “I have gone from doing to teaching, and am now creating programs, which has just been amazing!”

Looking ahead while continuing to honour her own core values – diversity, family and compassion.

Brandi is enrolled in The Success Principles author and motivational speaker Jack Canfield’s, Certified Canfield Success Principles Train the Trainer program and has completed her Business Coach Level 1 and Level 2 training through Community Futures.

This past year she enjoyed the opportunity to deliver self- employment workshops at Okanagan College and the Neskonlith Band, collaborated as a Project Team Member and Consultant with the Tsuts’weye Women’s Network, Business Coach with The Consulting Hive and Community

Futures IDEA and EDP program and has offered a number of online workshops.

She will continue to employ a holistic approach in which her clients learn to asses all aspects of themselves and their business. Brandi is excited for 2022 as she continues to teach and motivate, with the addition of keynote speaking.

Brandi believes that like a complex puzzle, individual pieces combine to create a complete picture – a picture that can result in the growth of a successful and fulfilling enterprise.