I hope you were able to carve out some quality family time this long weekend.  I’ve been pondering the passage of time in our strangely altered world.   How slowly time seemed to pass when we first went into our isolation mode, but how quickly time seems to be going recently!  It’s already April 13 and spring is here to stay.

As I reflect on the webinar last week with Jody Shakespeare I realize that everything has changed and yet nothing has changed. Fundamentally sound marketing strategies from pre-COVID times still apply now.  Jody’s message:  Be seen and felt by your customers now, and they will remember you todayand when things turn around, which they will, and always SHOW UP!.

This week we look forward to hearing from Kathleen Seeley and Laura Cooke, two dynamic Tsuts’weye women.  See the webinar/workshop descriptions below and register via email to jjohn@tsustweye.ca.

Many people are experiencing uncertainty in accessing government programs and announcements seem to be made on a daily basis. Reach out to our Entrepreneur in Residence, Caroline Grover at shuswapmentor@gmail.comto help you navigate this web of information and to access additional professional guidance.  We are fortunate to have a program in place to support women-led businesses to survive and perhaps even thrive in this difficult time.

I encourage you to reach out and connect with other female entrepreneurs this week. Join a Tsuts’weye webinar: you will feel refreshed with good information and by connecting with other women.  Go to the www.Tsutsweye.ca website to access the newly launched Event Calendar to explore upcoming entrepreneurial webinars and workshops.  If you hear of a female-led business that is transitioning in a unique way, let us know, we are happy to share these stories.  Join the Tsuts’weye Facebook group to share thoughts and ideas with other entrepreneurs of the Shuswap.   And a reminder to email me atcmassey@tsutsweye.ca if you are interested in participating in online Peer Mentoring.

Let us all remember, to be empathetic and supportive to all of our local businesses and entrepreneurs. This is an extremely stressful time and we don’t know what the future will hold for us right now. If you are needing help, please reach out to a professional for support, or contact our Entrepreneur in Residence who, among other things, has been compiling resource lists for mental health support.  And remember that I am always willing to be a sounding board for you.

Keep #tsutsweyestrong.

Warmest regards,

Carmen Massey
Project Manager, Tsuts’weye Network
Cell:  250-804-3466
email:  cmassey@tsutsweye.ca

We will get through this – we can provide support to assist you.

We all are trying to navigate into this new world.  Everyone is sacrificing their freedom to stay home in an effort to protect ourselves and the people around us.  We know that for businesses you are struggling with financial, mental, and emotional burdens. We will get through this – but we know that right now – it is definitely an uphill battle.

Tsuts’weye Women’s Entrepreneur & Innovation Network can provide services to your business, whether you are a new business, or have been in business many years. These services are provided free of charge, thanks to the financial support of Community Futures Shuswap and Western Economic Diversification.

To access these services please contact Caroline Grover, our Entrepreneur in Residence. Please email Caroline at shuswapmentor@gmail.com or call her directly at 250-300-4757.

For more information about this program go to the Tsuts’weye website.