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Commit to the Cart with Louise Wallace

January 21, 28 & February 4,  10 AM – 11:30 AM, Zoom

How to you convert website visitors to website customers? The conversion rate from online stores to online sales is a significant challenge for small businesses. In this 3 part course, participants will design a strategic step by step plan to reach measurable sales goals through fundamental principles of marketing, sales and customer service.
Session One – Get to Know Your Customers
To sell to your customers, you must first get to know them. A review of fundamental marketing followed by an exploration of psychogeodemographics insights into shopping behaviours will be explored.
Session Two – Get Your Customers to Know You
To sell online, trust, relationship and reputation are key. Learn how to measure your digital engagement and develop that understanding, trust, brand awareness and ultimately, brand insistence. Strategic story telling is key.
Session Three – Build a Custom Plan for Your Goals
In this final session, participants will be taken through a step by step plan customized for their needs based on their unique selling proposition and exchange of value.
A FEW SEATS LEFT - REGISTER NOW! There will be a maximum of 10 participants enrolled in this workshop.
Presented by: Louise Wallace, M.Pub
Louise Wallace Richmond owns Mediability Corporate Communications, a design and marketing firm in Salmon Arm BC. She has a background in economics and publishing and teaches part time at the Okanagan College School of Business.

Claiming Your Creativity with Tammy Thielman

February 11, 18, and 25 •  10 AM – 11:30 AM, Zoom

Join Tammy in learning about healthy boundaries, beating imposter syndrome and letting go of guilt so that you can freely enjoy, create and GROW your soul-centered business!
Part 1: Living and Loving Healthy Boundaries

 Join Tammy to explore and chat about how healthy boundaries can boost our energy level, inspire creativity and give us more time for life and work! If you identify with ‘people pleasing’ or saying “yes” way too often, this talk about setting boundaries can help you learn and practice healthy limit setting.

Part 2: Kick Imposter Syndrome with Self Confidence

Imposter syndrome and building self-confidence: Join Tammy to learn and chat about what is ‘imposter syndrome’ that holds so many talented and passionate women entrepreneurs back from pursuing their dream. Help your self-confidence grow by picking up some easy, everyday skills from this talk on following your passion and creativity: there is room for you and your business!

Part 3: Say Goodbye to Guilt

Like people pleasing and imposter syndrome, guilt is one of the most common feelings female entrepreneurs struggle with. Learn about letting go of guilt, exploring your values and priorities and building your life and business into what you want and need!

Participation in all three sessions is beneficial. 
REGISTER BY MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8th, 2021. There will be a maximum of 10 participants enrolled in this workshop.
Presented by: Tammy Theilman, BSW, MSW, RSW
Tammy Thielman is a local registered mental health and wellness counsellor who specializes in supporting trauma survivors of all ages in recovery and healing. Tammy’s office is a cabin and her counselling practice is based on her quiet, peaceful mountain farm.

Securing Your Digital Self with Toren Huntley

February 19, 26, March 5 , 12 •  11AM – 12NOON, Zoom

Day 1 – Intro & Password Managers

Imagine your digital self is a house – you want to protect what’s inside. This workshop will go over techniques to help you protect your house from malice, accidents.

Password Managers
Analogy: Close the garage door. Passwords are the first point of access into your personal information and data.

Day 2 – Data Storage, Backups, Firewalls and Clearing your Cache

Analogy: Close the front and back door. Data Storage, Data Backups and Firewalls, Clear Your Cache

Day 3 – Online banking and Preparing for the Future

Analogy: Close the windows. Online Banking. Post Mortem.

Day 4 – What happens when something goes wrong?

Analogy: Set the alarm

Participation in all four sessions is beneficial. 

REGISTER BY MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15th, 2021. There will be a maximum of 10 participants enrolled in this workshop.
Presented by: Toren Huntley
Toren is a cofounder of Revela Systems, a Victoria-based startup focused on helping our clients achieve success in AI and analytics projects by ensuring the use of high quality data.  She is passionate about bringing the right technical solution to real-word problems.  Toren grew up exploring the beautiful mountains and lakes in Vernon, BC and now lives in Victoria where she takes advantage of new scenery in her small fishing boat.

Introduction to Indigenous Tourism Workshop

March 2nd – 5th, Quaaout Lodge

This workshop will provide an insight into the Indigenous Tourism industry and the business opportunities that are available. Indigenous entrepreneurs who have considered exploring a business opportunity in Indigenous Tourism can obtain more information about starting a business in this workshop.

Eligibility to attend this workshop: Women and men from the Indigenous communities of Adams Lake, Little Shuswap Lake, Neskonlith, and Splatsin.

**** The following COVID 19 Protocols will be followed at all times during this workshop:

  • You will have to complete a form that confirms that you do not have any COVID 19 symptoms, have not travelled outside of the country in the last 14 days, and have not been in contact with anyone with a confirmed case of COVID 19 for the past 14 days.
  • All event participants must use hand sanitizer prior to attending this event – this will be provided on site.
  • All event participants must maintain the 2 meter physical/social distancing protocols at all times and are required to wear a mask when not seated at their table – you can bring your own mask and we will also provide masks. The workshop room will be organized to ensure that all participants are 2 meters apart at all times.
  • Names and contact information for all event participants will be collected for the purpose of COVID-19 contact tracing and notification.
REGISTER BY FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2021. Maximum 8 Indigenous participants.

March 2nd – 5th
Introductions of Instructors and Participants – Why are you here? – Introduction to Entrepreneurship as it relates to the Indigenous Tourism Industry.

The Dark Art of Pricing with Andrew Gregson

March 4 •  1PM – 4PM, Zoom

Pricing is not accounting,  it is marketing!

  • How to use your Value Proposition
  • The importance of 3: the Goldilocks effect on pricing
  • How to sell your price
  • How to avoid discounting

Goal of this workshop: To give you a process to make a better guess about your pricing.

REGISTER BY MONDAY, MARCH 1, 2021. There will be a maximum of 20 participants enrolled in this workshop.

PRESENTED BY: Andrew Gregson, BA, MA, M.Sc.(Econ), Intent Financial

Degrees from the London School of Economics and The University of Western Ontario.

Andrew’s experience working with an international business consultancy and being a business owner for 15 years was the impetus for his book “Pricing Strategies for Small Businesses”. He brings his expertise in finance, operations, pricing and debt restructuring to the table.
Andrew has contributed to trade journals, “Spark” on CBC National Radio and has been a guest speaker at business networking groups, colleges, universities on his topics of expertise – pricing, exit plans and debt. He has also been a columnist for 2 years and a licensed financial broker for 10 years.

Andrew has experience in operating manufacturing companies spanning 40 years in Canada and the UK.

Lead Yourself and Others with Sandra McDowell

March 11 •  10AM – 11AM, Zoom

As Cheshire Cat said to Alice, “If you don’t know where you’re going, then any road will take you there.” The road to personal leadership begins with getting clear on what matters most to you, how you want to ‘show up’ in the world, and the difference you want to make. Leadership is not based on position, but rather a reflection of how you show up every day at work, at home and in the community.

In this session, attendees will hone their leader mindset by leveraging the three Cs of confident leadership: clarity, conviction, and courage. They’ll walk away with a clearer definition of their values, beliefs, and intended outcomes, as well as an understanding of how to rewire the brain for lasting impact.

REGISTER BY MONDAY, MARCH 8, 2021. Limited space!

PRESENTED BY: Sandra McDowell, CEO and Founder of eLeadership Academy

With nearly two decades of executive experience and advanced certifications in Leadership, Coaching, Neuroleadership, and Human Resources, Sandra McDowell is a trusted authority on the application of neuroscience for leadership. As the founder and voice behind the globally recognized eLeadership AcademyTM, she helps leaders and organizations increase their performance by harnessing the untapped power of the brain. Author of Your Mother Was Right: 15 Unexpected Lessons About Leadership and the Brain, Sandra is also an international speaker, associate faculty for two universities, and on a mission to bridge the gap between brain research, human behaviour, and 21st-century leadership.

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