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April 27th – May 8th
Duration: 2 weeks (9 hours equivalent, at your own pace)

An extension of the small business strategy webinar, this course provides a deeper dive into the subjects discussed the previous week.  During this time of uncertainty, we explore three areas of importance for the small business: Leadership, Financial Realities and Change Management. We will look at why your leadership style is more important than ever for your own resilience, but also for your staff and for your community. The financial landscape is growing more complex, but the basics of cash flow management remain the same. We will look at not only what financial resources are available, but how to strategically use these to the benefit of your business. Finally, we will look at applying change and innovation methods when the uncertainty is still around us; what might work, how to move forward when you don’t know the destination.  Through the use of readings, articles, videos and on-line forums, we will continue to look at the three areas of importance for the small business and start to look at how to move forward in each of these areas. Register now.

1. Leadership: We will explore the importance of leadership during crisis and how to strengthen your authentic leadership style.
2. Change Management: Evolving your business model – who are your customers, what value can you bring them, what can you do?
3. Financial Realities: We will work to create 3-month, 6-month and yearly operating plans that will have the flexibility to support your evolving business model.