Looking for mouth-watering meats and cheese, delicious fruits, and tasty treats all beautifully laid out and ready to be devoured? Or maybe it’s an artisan cake you’re after, gorgeously decorated and absolutely delicious. Either way, Zana Boyd at The Fridge Light has you covered. She is the artistic brains and baker behind the company, combining her love of food and creativity to create beautiful artisan desserts, Boujee Boards, and to-go graze boxes full of local ingredients and home-made goods. 

Zana discovered how much she loved baking after her first child was born. With a background in professional cooking, she took her love of good food and extensive culinary skills to try her hand at baking cakes while she was on maternity leave. Zana then decided to sell them to the local community in Kimberley B.C. and was surprised at how quickly her small business bloomed. In only a few short months, Zana (and her drool-worthy cakes) was quickly making a name for herself. 

Fast forward six years, another baby and a move to Sorrento, B.C., and Zana’s business was once again in full swing. After a brief pause due to motherhood requirements and adapting to life in a new town, The Fridge Light started up again with offerings of her incredible cakes along with artisanal desserts and to-go charcuterie-style boxes. The community embraced her creativity and delicious food with open arms, encouraging her with positive support and feedback she needed to keep going. 

That unfailing support is the reason why Zana felt a strong desire to give back to her community; she wanted to give them as much support as they had given her. So, when a friend of hers mentioned that many kids at the local elementary school weren’t able to receive hot lunches, Zana knew she had to do something to help.

Zana then decided to launch a new offering, her “Christmas Cookie Box,” with 25 % of the proceeds going directly to the local school’s hot lunch program. Halfway through her cookie marathon, Zana decided to up the stakes and raise the donations to 50% of all cookie boxes ordered. Through her impressive efforts, Zana was able to raise $700, with $350 donated. This contribution helped to provide hot lunches to many local students who would otherwise not get them.

And she’s not going to stop there. Zana hopes to continue offering more of these opportunities for contribution throughout the year. Donations of her graze platters to local raffles, collaborations with local businesses and Christmas Cookie boxes are just the first taste of her generosity. Zana’s dedication to her community and to her craft is impressive. If there was ever a success story in the making, Zana’s passion at The Fridge Light would be it. What started as a small cake-making venture has now grown into a full-blown small business, all while opening her own fridge to give back to the community it was built upon.