SURVEY #1: Key Program Findings
Programs clients participated in:
• 57% Round Table Discussions; Consultations
• 52% Workshops
• 42% Peer Mentorship and/or Networking Events
As a result of members’ experience with Tsuts’weye; key impacts were:
• 68% Knowledge Increased
• 43% Revenue and/or Sales Increased
SURVEY # 2: Entrepreneur In Residence Program Findings:
September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2020
•TOTAL 91 Clients Served
Identify as: # %
Indigenous 7 8%
Métis 5 5%
Persons with a Disability 5 5%
EIR Overall findings:
• 98% of Survey Respondants would recommend the program
• May/June 2020 saw the highest intake of clients
• Most clients met with an EIR within 7 days or less
• High level of satisfaction with EIR’s abilities
• Most prominent challenge addressed was marketing
• Most businesses reported being negatively impacted by COVID19
• Most clients were referred onto specialist consultants
• Most requested service is more networking
Notable Testimonials…

Some of the biggest obstacles of starting a new business is the shear weight of new responsibilities, information and finding balance. A hard lesson to learn is you can’t always do it yourself. Tsuts’weye is an outstretched hand providing wisdom, comfort and forward thinking to ease the weight off of our shoulders.

I have been on the ARTs council since Sept 2019 and when Covid happened I thought that would derail everything. I was absolutely amazed and impressed with how the team dug in and not only held it all together but enhanced the program. The team pivoted and have created opportunities not in spite of but because of the challenges of Covid.